True Beauty

True Beauty (2020)


Im Joo Kyung is a high schooler who is upbeat and positive about most things – except for her appearance! She hates the idea of being seen in public without makeup, but fortunately has become a self-taught makeup expert, with a little help from a plethora of internet video tutorials. What she has learned online has transformed her life. At school, she is known as one of the prettiest girls in class – although she secretly lives in fear of her schoolmates discovering what she looks like behind the makeup! In fact, there is only one person from school who has ever seen her minus her “mask” – Lee Su Ho. He is a top-grade student with impressive basketball skills. He is also dashingly handsome, and many of his female classmates have a crush on him. However, Lee Su Ho harbors a few dark secrets from his past, and shuns attention in class. Slowly, these two individuals become drawn together – and learn more about one another’s secrets! Adapted from the webtoon "Yeoshingangrim" by Yaongyi.

Status: Completed
Jeong Dae Ro
Jeong Dae Ro (1991)
Jeon Hye Won
Jeon Hye Won (1998)
Im Hyeon Seong
Im Hyeon Seong (1979)
Lee Shi Yeong
Lee Shi Yeong (1986)
Shin Seo Woo
Shin Seo Woo (2013)
Kim In Yi
Kim In Yi (2001)
Han Ji Ho
Han Ji Ho (1986)
Lee Ji Wan
Lee Ji Wan (2000)
Choi Da Yeong
Choi Da Yeong (1992)
Jo Seok In
Jo Seok In (1991)
Kwon Ban Seok
Kwon Ban Seok (1981)
Park Yoo Na
Park Yoo Na (1997)
Go Han Min
Go Han Min (1983)
Kim Jeong Hak
Kim Jeong Hak (1972)
Shin Jae Hwi
Shin Jae Hwi (1994)
Li Yi Man
Li Yi Man (1997)
Yeo Joo Ha
Yeo Joo Ha (1997)
Go Na Eun
Go Na Eun (1988)
Ahn So Rim
Ahn So Rim (1990)
Seong Jeong Seon
Seong Jeong Seon (1953)
Cha Yeong Ok
Cha Yeong Ok (1960)
Ok Joo Ri
Ok Joo Ri (1963)
Woo Hyeon
Woo Hyeon (1964)
Yoo Ok Joo
Yoo Ok Joo (1965)
Lee Jae Eun
Lee Jae Eun (1966)
Lee Joong Yeol
Lee Joong Yeol (1967)
Song Hoon
Song Hoon (1975)
Yoo Ji Soo
Yoo Ji Soo (1976)
Ham Tae Kyoon
Ham Tae Kyoon (1990)
Jo Yoon Soo
Jo Yoon Soo (1990)
Kim Hyeon Ji
Kim Hyeon Ji (1990)
Lee Byeong Jae
Lee Byeong Jae (1990)
Lee Seon Yeong
Lee Seon Yeong (1990)
Noreen Joyce Guerra
Noreen Joyce Guerra (1990)
Oh Yoo Jin
Oh Yoo Jin (1990)
Kim Won Shik
Kim Won Shik (1993)
Kim Ryeol Ha
Kim Ryeol Ha (1996)
Eom Tae Yoon
Eom Tae Yoon (2012)
Lee Sang Jin
Lee Sang Jin (1992)
Ahn Sang Woo
Ahn Sang Woo (1977)
Kang Chan Hee (Chani - SF9)
Kang Chan Hee (Chani - SF9) (2000)
Kim Cha Yoon
Kim Cha Yoon (1997)
Jeong Sae Rom
Jeong Sae Rom (1987)
Hwang In Yeob
Hwang In Yeob (1991)
Lee Dong Min
Lee Dong Min (1996)
Hwang Jeong Ha
Hwang Jeong Ha (1993)
Han Myeong Hwan
Han Myeong Hwan (1995)
Lee Ye Seo
Lee Ye Seo (2011)
Moon Ga Yeong
Moon Ga Yeong (1996)
Jang Yeong Hyeon
Jang Yeong Hyeon (1993)
Park Seong Jin
Park Seong Jin (1997)
Kang Doo Hyeon
Kang Doo Hyeon (2010)
Oh Yoo Jin
Oh Yoo Jin (1999)
Yoon Hyo Shik
Yoon Hyo Shik (1979)
Kim Byeong Choon
Kim Byeong Choon (1966)
Lee Han Wi
Lee Han Wi (1961)
Kim Bong Hee
Kim Bong Hee (1952)
Park Ji Ho
Park Ji Ho (1987)
Lee Tae Ri
Lee Tae Ri (1993)
Park Joo Hwan
Park Joo Hwan (2010)
Park Yeong Soo
Park Yeong Soo (1977)
Hong Dae Seong
Hong Dae Seong (1982)
Kim Ji Soo
Kim Ji Soo (1990)
Kim Yeong Dae
Kim Yeong Dae (1996)
Kang Min Ah
Kang Min Ah (1997)
Cha Eun Woo (Astro)
Cha Eun Woo (Astro) (1997)
Yoon Jeong Seob
Yoon Jeong Seob (1983)
Han Yi Yeong
Han Yi Yeong (1998)
Lee Jae Wook
Lee Jae Wook (1998)
Geum Kwang San
Geum Kwang San (1976)
Im Da Yeong (Cosmic Girls)
Im Da Yeong (Cosmic Girls) (1999)
Jeong Geon Joo
Jeong Geon Joo (1995)
Im Se Mi
Im Se Mi (1987)
Kim Shi Woo
Kim Shi Woo (2014)
Jeong Ye Nok
Jeong Ye Nok (1998)
Lee Il Joon
Lee Il Joon (1996)
Oh Eui Shik
Oh Eui Shik (1983)
Kim Hye Yoon
Kim Hye Yoon (1996)
Seo Sang Won
Seo Sang Won (1967)
Lee Eun Joo
Lee Eun Joo (1980)
Lee Seung Woo
Lee Seung Woo (2009)
Choi Yi Seon
Choi Yi Seon (1985)
Yoon To Wang
Yoon To Wang (1984)
Terris Brown
Terris Brown (1990)
Seo Hye Won
Seo Hye Won (1993)
Kim Min Ki
Kim Min Ki (1981)
Lee Go Eun
Lee Go Eun (2009)
Jeong Joon Ho
Jeong Joon Ho (1969)
Park Ho San
Park Ho San (1972)
Park Seo Kyeong
Park Seo Kyeong (2009)
Moon Hak Jin
Moon Hak Jin (1989)
Kang Cho Won
Kang Cho Won (1997)
Lee Chang Shik
Lee Chang Shik (1994)
Kim Myeong Ji
Kim Myeong Ji (1997)
Kim Jae Hwa
Kim Jae Hwa (1980)
Pyo Dong Joon
Pyo Dong Joon (2013)
Han Sang Jo
Han Sang Jo (1993)
Oh Chae Eun
Oh Chae Eun (1995)
Park Hyeon Jeong
Park Hyeon Jeong (1975)
Yoon Seo Ah
Yoon Seo Ah (2000)
Jang Hye Jin
Jang Hye Jin (1975)

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