The Glory

The Glory (2022)


It's a sad revenge story that begins with a high school student who dreamed of becoming an architect. However, she had to drop out of school after suffering from brutal school violence. Years later, the perpetrator gets married and has a kid. Once the kid is in elementary school, the former victim becomes their homeroom teacher and starts her thorough revenge towards the perpetrators and bystanders of her bullying days. (Source: Soompi)

Status: Completed
Lee Do Hyeon
Lee Do Hyeon (1995)
Park Seong Hoon
Park Seong Hoon (1985)
Jeong Seong Il
Jeong Seong Il (1980)
Park Seol Ha
Park Seol Ha (2015)
Kim Geon Woo
Kim Geon Woo (1992)
Shin Ye Eun
Shin Ye Eun (1998)
Lee Byeong Joon
Lee Byeong Joon (1964)
Yoon Da Kyeong
Yoon Da Kyeong (1971)
Yoon Jin Seong
Yoon Jin Seong (1971)
Kim Jeong Yeong
Kim Jeong Yeong (1972)
Im Ji Yeon
Im Ji Yeon (1990)
Son Kang Gook
Son Kang Gook (1973)
Cha Joo Yeong
Cha Joo Yeong (1990)
Kim Hi Eo Ra
Kim Hi Eo Ra (1989)
Son Sook
Son Sook (1944)
Jo Min Wook
Jo Min Wook (1988)
Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo (1981)
Yeom Hye Ran
Yeom Hye Ran (1976)
Hyeon Seung Min
Hyeon Seung Min (1999)
Lee Hae Yeong
Lee Hae Yeong (1970)

Revenge of Others trailer:

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