Revenge of Others

Revenge of Others (2022)


Ok Chan Mi is a 19-year-old high school student. She used to be a shooter for a high school team. One day, Ok Chan Mi's twin brother dies. She chases after the truth related to his death. She gets involved with Ji Soo Heon. On behalf of bullied students, Ji Soo Heon takes revenge on their tormentors.

Status: Completed
Cha Yeong Mi
Cha Yeong Mi (1972)
Seo Ji Hoon
Seo Ji Hoon (1997)
Han Seung Bin
Han Seung Bin (2002)
Won Choon Kyoo
Won Choon Kyoo (1974)
Jang Seon Yool
Jang Seon Yool (2013)
Jeong Soo Bin
Jeong Soo Bin (1998)
Jo Chang Keun
Jo Chang Keun (1997)
Hwang Bo Woon
Hwang Bo Woon (1998)
Kim Jeong Ho
Kim Jeong Ho (1971)
Yoo Seon Ho
Yoo Seon Ho (1983)
Kim Hak Seon
Kim Hak Seon (1970)
Park Jin Kyeong (Wooyeon - WOO!AH!)
Park Jin Kyeong (Wooyeon - WOO!AH!) (2003)
Kang Yoon
Kang Yoon (1989)
Jang Jae Kwon
Jang Jae Kwon (1976)
Jeong Seo Yeon
Jeong Seo Yeon (2014)
Park Wan Kyoo
Park Wan Kyoo (1977)
Yeon Bo Ra
Yeon Bo Ra (1960)
Jeon Seong Hwan
Jeon Seong Hwan (1970)
Jeong Dae Yong
Jeong Dae Yong (1970)
Jo Yoo Jeong
Jo Yoo Jeong (1970)
Ma Jeong Pil
Ma Jeong Pil (1970)
Seong Noh Jin
Seong Noh Jin (1970)
Lee Hyeon Seo
Lee Hyeon Seo (1977)
Kwak Ji Yoo
Kwak Ji Yoo (1980)
Lee Yoo Jeong
Lee Yoo Jeong (1980)
Ok Soo Boon
Ok Soo Boon (1980)
Choi Hyeon Joon
Choi Hyeon Joon (1983)
Lee Joon Yeong (Yeon Oh)
Lee Joon Yeong (Yeon Oh) (1990)
Yoo Moon Chi
Yoo Moon Chi (1992)
Kim Joon Hyeong
Kim Joon Hyeong (2002)
Kim Na Eun
Kim Na Eun (2013)
Shin Ye Eun
Shin Ye Eun (1998)
Im Ho Joon
Im Ho Joon (1979)
Bong Jae Hyeon (Jaehyun - Golden Child)
Bong Jae Hyeon (Jaehyun - Golden Child) (1999)
Ok Jin Wook (SUPERFIVE) (1997)
Jeong Hye Kyeong
Jeong Hye Kyeong (1972)
Lee Soo Min
Lee Soo Min (2001)
Kim Yeong Mi
Kim Yeong Mi (1984)
Kim Joo Ryeong
Kim Joo Ryeong (1976)
Jang Hyeon Seong
Jang Hyeon Seong (1970)
Yoon Jin Seong
Yoon Jin Seong (1971)
Kang Yeol
Kang Yeol (1993)
Lee Jang Yoo
Lee Jang Yoo (1961)
Kim Do Yeon
Kim Do Yeon (1978)
Jeong Seon Cheol
Jeong Seon Cheol (1975)
Chae Sang Woo
Chae Sang Woo (1999)
Min Soo Hwa
Min Soo Hwa (2000)
Kim Seon Hwa
Kim Seon Hwa (1971)
Son In Yong
Son In Yong (1981)
Jo Myeong Haeng
Jo Myeong Haeng (1977)
Kang Lee Seok
Kang Lee Seok (1998)
Park Solomon
Park Solomon (1999)
Shin Soo Ho
Shin Soo Ho (1988)
Park Seon Ah
Park Seon Ah (1971)
Ha Yeong Jin
Ha Yeong Jin (1980)
Jeon Seok Chan
Jeon Seok Chan (1981)
Gwang Bok Dong
Gwang Bok Dong (1961)
Lee Keon Koo
Lee Keon Koo (1989)
Kim Il Woo
Kim Il Woo (1973)
Lee Da Kyeong
Lee Da Kyeong (2006)
Han Cheol Woo
Han Cheol Woo (1977)
Jin Ho Eun
Jin Ho Eun (2000)
Park Gwang Jae
Park Gwang Jae (1980)
Park Jeong Eon
Park Jeong Eon (1979)
Kim Anastasia
Kim Anastasia (1969)
Byeon Geon Woo
Byeon Geon Woo (1979)
Seo Yeong Sam
Seo Yeong Sam (1971)

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