Moving (2023)


Kim Bong Seok, Jang Hee Soo and Lee Gang Hoon attend the same high school. They look like ordinary students, but they have special abilities that they inherited from their parents. Kim Bong Seok has the ability to fly, while Jang Hee Soo has excellent athletic abilities and is able to rapidly recover from injuries, like being shot or stabbed. Lee Gang Hoon has uncanny power and speed. These three students try to hide their special abilities from other people, while their parents struggle to protect them from being used by other people. (Source: AsianWiki) Adapted from the webtoon “Moving” (무빙) by Kang Full (강풀).

Status: Completed
Go Yoon Jeong
Go Yoon Jeong (1996)
Ryoo Seung Beom
Ryoo Seung Beom (1980)
Park Hee Soon
Park Hee Soon (1970)
Shin Jae Hwi
Shin Jae Hwi (1994)
Han Hyo Joo
Han Hyo Joo (1987)
Lee Jeong Ha
Lee Jeong Ha (1998)
Park Shi Won
Park Shi Won (2011)
Kim Da Hyeon
Kim Da Hyeon (1980)
Park Bo Kyeong
Park Bo Kyeong (1981)
Kim Hee Won
Kim Hee Won (1971)
Park Byeong Eun
Park Byeong Eun (1977)
Jo In Seong
Jo In Seong (1981)
Yang Dong Keun
Yang Dong Keun (1979)
Shim Dal Gi
Shim Dal Gi (1999)
Baek Hyeon Jin
Baek Hyeon Jin (1972)
Kim Shin Rok
Kim Shin Rok (1981)
Cha Tae Hyeon
Cha Tae Hyeon (1976)
Kwak Seon Yeong
Kwak Seon Yeong (1983)
Kim Seong Kyoon
Kim Seong Kyoon (1980)
Moon Seong Keun
Moon Seong Keun (1953)
Ryoo Seung Ryong
Ryoo Seung Ryong (1970)
Kim Jong Soo
Kim Jong Soo (1964)
Kim Do Hoon
Kim Do Hoon (1998)
Park Jeong Eon
Park Jeong Eon (1979)

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