Fireworks of My Heart

Fireworks of My Heart (2023)


Growing up, Song Yan and Xu Qin were the best of friends. But as they grew older, their families began to see their friendship in an unfavorable light. Unwilling to allow their relationship to go any farther, Song Yan and Xu Qin were forced apart by their families, never to see each other again. In the ten years since their forced separation, both Song Yan and Xu Qin have worked hard to build the life they’ve always wanted. As fire chief, Song Yan has dedicated his life to saving others. Oddly enough, Xu Qin has also made it her life’s work to save others as an emergency doctor. Though working in entirely different fields, it was only a matter of time before fate stepped in to reunite the former friends. Brought together by their work, Song Yan and Xu Qin aren't exactly thrilled to be reunited once again. Working side-by-side, it’s easy to recognize the growth each has made over the years, but there’s still so much Xu Qin and Song Yan to work through if they’re going to turn this new relationship of theirs into something more. Do they have what it takes to overcome the obstacles before them or is their current relationship destined to be as fleeting as the last? Adapted from the web novel “Waiting for You in a City" (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi (玖月晞).

Status: Completed
Wei Da Xun
Wei Da Xun (1989)
Jack Kao
Jack Kao (1958)
Meng A Sai
Meng A Sai (1989)
Zhou Mu Yin
Zhou Mu Yin (1986)
Yi Da Qian
Yi Da Qian (1994)
Wang Da Qi
Wang Da Qi (1983)
Zhang Ding Han
Zhang Ding Han (1980)
JoJo Chen
JoJo Chen (1991)
Ding Zhi Yong
Ding Zhi Yong (1968)
Coco Chen
Coco Chen (2012)
Hu Ke
Hu Ke (1975)
Gao Xin
Gao Xin (1976)
Zhuo Yu Xi
Zhuo Yu Xi (1995)
Xu Ji Zhou
Xu Ji Zhou (1976)
Ye Qi Shan
Ye Qi Shan (1980)
Xu Wai Luo
Xu Wai Luo (2010)
Jiang Hao Yan
Jiang Hao Yan (1980)
Meng Yu
Meng Yu (1982)
Hu Yi
Hu Yi (1990)
Sun Yan
Sun Yan (1986)
Ada Wang
Ada Wang (1980)
Chen Hui Kang
Chen Hui Kang (1990)
Kong Ran
Kong Ran (1990)
Lian Shuang Yue
Lian Shuang Yue (1990)
Leon Li
Leon Li (1990)
Su Xiao Ding
Su Xiao Ding (1990)
Vin Zhang
Vin Zhang (1993)
Wang Chu Ran
Wang Chu Ran (1999)
Ulrica Tang
Ulrica Tang (1988)
Zhu Jin Tong
Zhu Jin Tong (1998)
Wu Jian
Wu Jian (1978)
Kong Lin
Kong Lin (1969)
Zhao Long Hao
Zhao Long Hao (1973)
Ian Wang
Ian Wang (1989)
Honey Qin
Honey Qin (1990)
Yang Chao Yue (CCYY / YCY)
Yang Chao Yue (CCYY / YCY) (1998)
Benson Wang
Benson Wang (1987)
Shi Zhao Qi
Shi Zhao Qi (1958)
Guo Ming Yu
Guo Ming Yu (1988)
Wu Jun Chen
Wu Jun Chen (1975)
Liu Chu Xuan
Liu Chu Xuan (1996)
Zhao Zhen Yu
Zhao Zhen Yu (1985)
Feng Bing
Feng Bing (1983)
Zhang Gong
Zhang Gong (1964)
Liu Yu Feng
Liu Yu Feng (1996)
Sunday Jiang
Sunday Jiang (1995)
Chen Yi Heng
Chen Yi Heng (1954)
Ma Xiao Qian
Ma Xiao Qian (1990)
Evan Tian
Evan Tian (1994)
Xie Zhi Xun
Xie Zhi Xun (1995)
Bai Fan
Bai Fan (1962)
Chen Jin
Chen Jin (1964)
Zhao Qi Hang
Zhao Qi Hang (1994)
Li Shu Ting
Li Shu Ting (1999)
Yu Bin
Yu Bin (1978)
Chen Fang Zhou
Chen Fang Zhou (1994)
Liu Shuo
Liu Shuo (1984)
Fan Ming
Fan Ming (1964)
Yang Tong
Yang Tong (1986)
Zhao Ren Jie
Zhao Ren Jie (1993)
Zhang Xun
Zhang Xun (1985)
Chen Wei
Chen Wei (1960)
Shen Xiao Hai
Shen Xiao Hai (1977)
Zhang Yue
Zhang Yue (1994)
Du Yu
Du Yu (2000)
Wang Wan Juan
Wang Wan Juan (1984)
Oren Liu
Oren Liu (1984)
Yang Yang
Yang Yang (1991)

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