Street Woman Fighter Season 2

Street Woman Fighter Season 2 (2023)


The second rendition of the all-female dance competition show, Street Woman Fighter 2, aims to outperform the debut season. Unlike its first season, which only featured Korean dance crews, Street Woman Fighter 2 intends to expand its target audience, making it a bigger international dance competition. Dancers from various countries, such as Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and China, add more variety and fierceness to the competition. Monika, Mike Song and Shownu join this season’s judging panel, and they’ll be accompanied by guest judges, including Bae Yoon Jung, Aiki, Mike Song, and many more. (Source: Viu)

Status: Ongoing
Kirsten Dodgen
Kirsten Dodgen (1998)
Myeong Mi Nah (Mina Myoung)
Myeong Mi Nah (Mina Myoung) (1991)
Lee Koo Seul
Lee Koo Seul (2001)
Kang Daniel
Kang Daniel (1996)
Lee Yoon Ji
Lee Yoon Ji (1996)
Debby Peng
Debby Peng (1997)
Audrey Lane
Audrey Lane (2003)
Cheon Yoo Jin (CERA)
Cheon Yoo Jin (CERA) (1996)
Bae Yoon Jeong
Bae Yoon Jeong (1980)
Amy Park
Amy Park (1990)
Buckey (1990)
Chocol (1990)
Jeong Si Yeon (Waackxxxy)
Jeong Si Yeon (Waackxxxy) (1990)
Kim Do Hee
Kim Do Hee (1990)
Ling Zhang
Ling Zhang (1990)
Wang Hai Chi
Wang Hai Chi (1990)
Shin Soo Bin (Redy)
Shin Soo Bin (Redy) (1999)
Emma Huch
Emma Huch (2000)
Latrice Kabamba
Latrice Kabamba (1999)
Son Hyeon Woo (Shownu)
Son Hyeon Woo (Shownu) (1992)
Monika Shin
Monika Shin (1986)
Han Ha Eun (HAEUN / Redlic)
Han Ha Eun (HAEUN / Redlic) (1995)
Sayaka Mavoz ($ayaka)
Sayaka Mavoz ($ayaka) (1987)
Park Hye Rim (HARIMU - SUPA / Sparkling )
Park Hye Rim (HARIMU - SUPA / Sparkling ) (2003)
Lia Kim
Lia Kim (1984)
No Eun Yeong (NOB)
No Eun Yeong (NOB) (1994)
Yeo Eun Ji (Funkyy / Funky Y / Funky_Y)
Yeo Eun Ji (Funkyy / Funky Y / Funky_Y) (1992)
Jang Yoo Jin (Halo)
Jang Yoo Jin (Halo) (1988)
Bada Lee
Bada Lee (1995)
Miyoshi Akanen (Akanen)
Miyoshi Akanen (Akanen) (1989)
Kang Hye In (AIKI - HOOK)
Kang Hye In (AIKI - HOOK) (1989)

Revenge of Others trailer:

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