Rustic Period

Rustic Period (2002)


As a fusion drama on the life of politician Kim Doo Han, the drama tells the life of Kim Doo Han with fact and fiction. Kim Doon Han is the son of the great general Kim Jwah Jin, who fought for Korea against the Japanese during World War II. After his dad dies, Kim Doo Han trains in kung pao and learns to be a leader against the evil Japanese. He finds his own position as boss of the Jong Ro area in Seoul, and vows to protect his own Korean people. Goo Ma Juk, the boss of Seoul, fights against Kim Doo Han in an attempt to hand over the whole Seoul area to the Japanese redevelopment project, pursued by Hyashi. Hyashi himself is a Korean but he ironically lives as a Japanese fighting his own people. Through these many barriers, Kim Doo Han struggles to keep the Korean culture alive, later on becoming a politician after the Korean War.

Status: Completed
Jeong Yeong Sook
Jeong Yeong Sook (1947)
Lee Sang In (TAO)
Lee Sang In (TAO) (1971)
Bae Do Hwan
Bae Do Hwan (1964)
Seong Dong Il
Seong Dong Il (1964)
Choi Dong Joon
Choi Dong Joon (1959)
Yang Jae Won
Yang Jae Won (1966)
Jeong Myeong Joon
Jeong Myeong Joon (1970)
Lee Se Eun
Lee Se Eun (1980)
Jeong Dong Hwan
Jeong Dong Hwan (1949)
Park Kwi Soon
Park Kwi Soon (1971)
Na Kyeong Mi
Na Kyeong Mi (1973)
Jo Sang Kook
Jo Sang Kook (1954)
Choi Eun Seok
Choi Eun Seok (1973)
Lee Deok Hee
Lee Deok Hee (1959)
Kim Hee Jeong
Kim Hee Jeong (1970)
Jeon Mi Seon
Jeon Mi Seon (1970)
Jo Yeo Jeong
Jo Yeo Jeong (1981)
Jeong Jeong Ah
Jeong Jeong Ah (1977)
Lee Seung Hyeong
Lee Seung Hyeong (1968)
Lee Se Chang
Lee Se Chang (1970)
Seo Wang Seok
Seo Wang Seok (1978)
Han Choon Il
Han Choon Il (1951)
Kim Yeong Cheol
Kim Yeong Cheol (1953)
Nam Yeong Jin
Nam Yeong Jin (1951)
Ki Jeong Soo
Ki Jeong Soo (1949)
Kim Kwang In
Kim Kwang In (1965)
Yoo Soon Cheol
Yoo Soon Cheol (1945)
Im Byeong Ki
Im Byeong Ki (1950)
Seo Hak
Seo Hak (1952)
Kim Yeong Ki
Kim Yeong Ki (1958)
Park Seung Ho
Park Seung Ho (1960)
Gong Jae Won
Gong Jae Won (1965)
Lee Won Jong
Lee Won Jong (1966)
Ra Jae Woong
Ra Jae Woong (1966)
Ahn Shin Woo
Ahn Shin Woo (1969)
Hwang Woo Yeon
Hwang Woo Yeon (1970)
Shin Deok Ho
Shin Deok Ho (1970)
Ko Jin Myeong
Ko Jin Myeong (1956)
Lee Won Ha
Lee Won Ha (1960)
Lee Chang Hwan
Lee Chang Hwan (1952)
Park Yeong Rok
Park Yeong Rok (1961)
Jeong So Yeong
Jeong So Yeong (1979)
Jeong Dong Gyoo
Jeong Dong Gyoo (1962)
Lee Cheol Min
Lee Cheol Min (1970)
Lee Yeong Hoo
Lee Yeong Hoo (1940)
Choi Sang Hak
Choi Sang Hak (1983)
Nam Chang Hee
Nam Chang Hee (1982)
Moon Hee Won
Moon Hee Won (1945)
Son Ho Kyoon
Son Ho Kyoon (1963)
Lee In Cheol
Lee In Cheol (1951)
Kim Yeong Seon
Kim Yeong Seon (1956)
Seo Hyeon Seok
Seo Hyeon Seok (1989)
Jeon Hae Ryeong
Jeon Hae Ryeong (1964)
Abhishek Gupta (Lucky)
Abhishek Gupta (Lucky) (1978)
Jang Se Jin
Jang Se Jin (1964)
Im Hyeok Joo
Im Hyeok Joo (1955)
Park Joon Kyoo
Park Joon Kyoo (1964)
Seo Beom Shik
Seo Beom Shik (1970)
Kim Dong Soo
Kim Dong Soo (1970)
Nam Hyeon Joo
Nam Hyeon Joo (1967)
Lee Jae Po
Lee Jae Po (1960)
Choi Cheol Ho
Choi Cheol Ho (1970)
Lee Jae Yong
Lee Jae Yong (1963)
Yoshimura Kenichi
Yoshimura Kenichi (1974)
Jeong Kang Hee
Jeong Kang Hee (1980)
Kim Ki Hyeon
Kim Ki Hyeon (1945)
Byeon So Jeong
Byeon So Jeong (1970)
Go Doo Shim
Go Doo Shim (1951)
Son Jong Beom
Son Jong Beom (1969)
Kim Seong Soo
Kim Seong Soo (1973)
Nam Il Woo
Nam Il Woo (1938)
Shin Shin Beom
Shin Shin Beom (1948)
Yoon Yong Hyeon
Yoon Yong Hyeon (1969)
Kim Ho Jin
Kim Ho Jin (1970)
Park Jeong Hak
Park Jeong Hak (1964)
Lee Soon Jae
Lee Soon Jae (1934)
Lee Seok Koo
Lee Seok Koo (1950)
Kim Tae Hyeong
Kim Tae Hyeong (1965)
Kim Geon Ho
Kim Geon Ho (1951)
Jo Hyeong Ki
Jo Hyeong Ki (1958)
Park Dong Bin
Park Dong Bin (1970)
Jang Dong Jik
Jang Dong Jik (1966)
Heo Yeong Ran
Heo Yeong Ran (1980)
Ahn Jae Mo
Ahn Jae Mo (1979)
Han Dae Kwan
Han Dae Kwan (1973)
Lee Chang Hoon
Lee Chang Hoon (1966)
Lee Dong Hoon
Lee Dong Hoon (1979)

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